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Principal Accountspecialist, Randstad Business Development

Omid understands like no other how he can bring people in motion. His unique approach and huge doses of energy are contagious and provide a positive effect. With his mission in life he inspires people. He is a warm person, honest, sincere and always goes for the best result.

Omid can identify himself well with others because during his search for happiness he has experienced different kind of problems.

He has achieved proven results with successful business people, corporate events, top 100 international organizations, traineeship and leadership days where he is deployed as a specialist in energy management to get large groups moving.

Omid has been working with large companies and individuals for more than 10 years. Together with his team of specialists he is ready to provide your needs.

This is what others say about Omid.


Presenter and Entrepreneur

“You get energy from Omid as soon as he enters the room. He shines and is always positive. Omid is a professional who knows how to motivate others to push their boundaries, and is a nice person “


Entrepreneur & Motivator

“My personal experiences with Omid his training is very positive. His training is effective and enriching. Omid is a committed coach with a passion for his profession. He is a warm person with honest interest in his trainees.”


Entrepreneur & former professional hockey player

“My company (Peak4) provides various performance programs in business and sport to improve the performance of individuals, teams and organizations. In this capacity we often hire Omid for our programs to challenge our customers physically, emotionally and mentally. Omid has never disappointed us. He has a super energy, enormous drive and always delivers the requested result. He is also just a very good guy with the heart in the right place. I advise everyone to work with Omid. Progression will certainly follow.”



“Omid is not only a skilled trainer, but by taking time for you also an excellent coach for people with a dynamic and busy existence. I can recommend Omid to everyone “